I laughed out loud when I read a Barron’s headline: Prepare for whatever happens. Good advice no matter what, I guess. But that implies you are waiting for something to happen TO you and your organization when I’m suggesting you need to get off the bench and launch an offensive on 2021 FOR your organization.

The cost of inaction has been high for many groups. Membership renewals due this time of year may be down because members have not been served by their industry association. It was hard work, but our client boards chose to maintain a high level of communication with members. Our team pivoted to very successful online education events including silent and live auctions and even a wine tasting. They’ve been successful in terms of participation and in generating financial support. Charity leaders who got on the phone with donors will also be rewarded.

Fourth-quarter is typically when industry associations and charities plan for board changes. My hat is off to the many board members who worked with us to stabilize their nonprofits while themselves under stress with concerns for family and business. Those are the kind of incoming directors I’m eager to work with for aggressively planning 2021.

Suggestion: Send the 2021 busy event calendar with your year-end invoicing.

We’ll all be measured by our actions – or inaction.

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