When was the last time you asked members what they wanted? Oh, sure, you send them a newsletter. Is an annual invoice and a quarterly newsletter enough to keep an industry member engaged in the association? Maybe that was enough many years ago, but it’s not now. Your infrequent outreach is being buried by incoming emails and posts from hundreds of their business and personal contacts. So how can you keep their attention?

Some of you may miss the days of meeting at the lodge, essentially having a group hug. Today, association board members, and even the membership, meet from very separate geographical points using devices as varied as a desktop computer and an Apple watch. So what binds everybody?

A common cause. A common struggle. A common belief. Our association management firm is equally based in marketing and administration strengths. We find that one of the first things new association clients ask for is marketing help to grow or retain membership. For that we need to survey members and then to work on a multi-level communication strategy.

Hey, even if you send a coffee cup when dues are paid, it’s a start. And, would it be so very hard to tuck in a thank you note?

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