We all need to admit that the volume of email has increased tenfold over just a couple of years ago. Think of it this way: You are speeding down the freeway at 100 miles an hour and there is a billboard every two feet. You can’t even figure out what the subject is, can you? Pretty soon, you don’t even glance over.

We’ve all overlooked an email from a source we know and actually do business with or would like to just because of high eyeball traffic. Well, there are certain words that will stop the eye. Like it or not some are crass. Oh, not crass as in off color, although those words certainly get noticed. But, we humans have had our behavior studied for a very long time both clinically and experientially and certain things get our attention. Ready?

The word free is golden. It can be used in the subject line in a few different ways:

Get free advice from us

The best things in life are free

Free product information

First order ships free

Tips for a stress-free office

Free gift at our exhibit booth

Well you get the idea. Something for nothing is just too appealing to us. Next best word is win. Again, this can be used in any number of concepts but all are positive. And, of course there’s the time-honored “Make more money” and “See your profits soar.”

Try a few of the above and see if the open rate soars.

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