We just spoke with the incoming president for an association board of directors who shared several challenges she faces. She really wants to make some positive changes during her term but feels she’s all alone in the effort. Ascending to that chair, she’s watched the other members become stagnant in their thinking and some even seem annoyed with even small demands on their time.

“I really can’t keep our association stable, even growing, without help,” she lamented. We’ve written here about the aging out of board members in the past. The task of rejuvenating the make up of a board is somewhere between awkward and impossible. We got the sense that this very accomplished professional was ready to show her fellow directors that she wasn’t going to just float on her ice chunk. “Things must change, and fast.” We will help her get the group out of their rut, but it takes guts and leadership.

It will start with a new contract of dedication that each director must sign. And, it sounds like we need to plan a Board Training Seminar. It will be mandatory.

One of the first questions we pose is an eye-opener. “Do you participate at your business to the same degree that you do on this board?” If sales are stagnant or down, as membership in this association is experiencing, how do you offer leadership in finding a solution? Ideally we will go from guilt to go-getters.

It promises to be a lively afternoon.

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