Annually, I warn folks about the ultimate embarrassment of misbehaving at company holiday parties. In the spirit of comradery, bosses are so clever at encouraging staff to let their hair down and enjoy the punch that has secretly been spiked by that boisterous guy in sales. Of course, I fully understand (and possibly have been party to) raucous behavior with a coworker. It can lead to marriages.

However, unless your coworker is family you’re living with, please get back on a zoom party and be grateful that you have yet another thing to complain about. Wish each other a far better year with decreasing fear, kids back in school, and delayed trips put back on the calendar – which are my wishes for you.

Ah, and then there are the unavoidable “Year in Review” articles that will structure the 2020 months, detailing our prickly ride through each month during which we were tossed between information, mystery, hope, and misinformation. Enough. We are all tired of trying to figure out whether it’s riskier to visit a strip club or our haircutter or the park or touch the bags delivered to our front door.

My close family will gather to see what Santa brought (in the Amazon slay). One of my grandchildren asked, “What if the elves get Covid?” Fortunately, they and Santa and Mrs. Clause have all been quarantined up at the North pole all year, so all are healthy. Whew.

Take some deep breaths. Don’t read any ‘Year in Review’ articles. Be good to yourselves and others. Be grateful.

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