I was asked last week what our firm offers beyond what their current staff executive director handles. (My favorite question, by the way.) Small nonprofits, both charitable and trade groups, may do well with volunteer or part time managers. And, I know moving up to professional management is a big step for some. Here’s a basic list of services you deserve:

  • Continuity of management – Volunteers and part time staff turnover at very inconvenient times. Supporters deserve stability.
  • Depth of staff – Farming out various tasks like accounting, social media, web work, etc., can add up. Branding gets lost without oversight.
  • Event production – The hundreds of details must be right when producing fundraisers, education days, etc. Avoid costly mistakes.
  • Cost- effective solutions – A firm may have employed ideas and procedures with other clients that will save you money.
  • Marketing expertise – One person can’t be expert at everything, so a seasoned staff marketer is vital to messaging to the targets you seek.
  • Professional organizational skills – We’ve inherited meeting minutes and finances that were barely legal; don’t run afoul of the regulations.

Right now, many nonprofits are planning for 2020, so this subject is on the minds of many boards. What they should be concerned with is 2025 goals and engaging management that will help them reach their goals.

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