Surveys don’t lie. Or do they? How people answer election year questionaires may seem to indicate that our stock market will “go to hell in a handbasket” if (insert name of candidate name here) wins. Our stock market has started the year with wild gyrations. It’s been said many times that the market doesn’t like uncertainty. And, boy do we have it right now, eh?

Whatever will become of us? Some say a recession will reappear. Those usually occur when there is a massive crisis in the financial system. But, the banking community is in good shape. They’ve been much more conservative and problem loans have been siphoned off.

The Federal Reserve is being – reserved. The small rise didn’t cause even a ripple. The effects of oil pricing has had a dulling effect on manufacturing to be sure, but has boosted consumer spending. Have I mentioned the election yet?

Businesses are stronger than an election. It has been proven term after term that, other than a slight reaction, markets don’t measure the health of the economy by who’s sitting in the oval office. Besides, the American stock market is very much reflecting global matters, not just the U.S.

With a population growth of 1% a year, housing will continue to grow where the jobs are. We can point to biosciences as a top growth area and the education of those entering that segment as opportunities. We only have 25% of our workforce well-trained (both vocational and academic) and that must grow to stay competitive in world economic growth.

Business will make political adjustments as necessary. But, they will be slight. The top businesses and industries are laser focused on the bottom line not a finish line.

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