Bursting out of all the restraints and reticence of the last two years, members of your nonprofit organization or industry trade group are eagerly renewing dues, right? Perhaps. If renewals have dropped or are going slowly, below are the reasons as culled from several very recent studies on nonprofit supporters and members. Yes, they need to feel value but there are other distractions.

  1. Many feel job insecurity which may stem from new work conditions brought on by hours reduction or work from home isolation.
  2. The vacillating economic news is scary personally and professionally making dues low on the priority list.
  3. People are recovering in all ways from personal and family stress and are self-directed, socializing slowly.
  4. 76% of job seekers want information on re-training programs which their association doesn’t offer.
  5. 42% of association members joined due to personal outreach but have lost contact with that person.
  6. Negative comments from other members of the association are fueling general ambivalence about the group.
  7. 30-40% of association members see no value coming from their dues. Board leadership has not pivoted to meeting members’ new concerns and goals.

Every association has a mission. Your members have changed. Now is the time to review that written mission and update the goals which may need tweaking – even massive change – to meet the contemporary values sought by your membership. Then broadcast your new intentions and carry them out. Renewals will increase.


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