One of the seven reasons trade groups have lost members (see the last blog for all seven) is that the board of directors has not revised the value package. What trade group members wanted from their association three or four years ago is likely very different today.

Tell me a business or service that is the same as before the pandemic. Tell me a family that has not been affected by the ‘new world’. I’ve written about the stresses board leaders must be sensitive to as they communicate with members. Nearly 60% of our American workforce reports experiencing daily stress. Health is on everyone’s mind.

Do your members now work from home? Or do they have a hybrid situation? 55% of the workforce wants flexible working hours and/or remote work. However, nearly 40% of WFH employees say it is difficult to be productive and in fact, feel more burned out by working from home. So, more guilt drives more stress.

Are you addressing this massive shift in business and work culture in the communication and events you are planning? The overarching reason people join associations is to network. We see in-person opportunities coming back a bit slower than expected but not for the health reason you might think. People in all the groups we work with are completely slammed with work and are not prioritizing social events over their own businesses. Perfectly understandable as they recover from income loss.

As you calendar the second half of this year and into 2023, ask your members what they REALLY want and need. Have Plan B or C if registrations or attendance are not what you’d hoped. Very little is the same now. Your value proposition should shift as well.


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