There they are – hundreds of golf balls. There are stacks of entry forms and four boxes of lanyards with attendees’ name tags.  There are boxes of pens, tees, rulers, sunglasses, and even bigger boxes of shopping bags. Carefully stacked silent auction items are going to have to sit under the conference table. Yup, we’re back in the business of helping our client associations deliver value and fun to their memberships … in person.

I think I can speak for all of us in nonprofit management that we’ve worked harder than ever all last year. Humanity not being out on the street or at their jobs did not mean their industry associations stopped delivering communication. Every day we got out important information to supporters of charities and members of business associations making sure the relationship was nurtured, information broadcast.

But I’m totally ready for giant signs, hole markers, table centerpieces, show booth charts, easels, whiteboards, huge banners, and whatever else is needed to gather in our office for the return to meetings, conventions, and social gatherings in the months ahead.

Messy feels great.

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