It doesn’t look like the accusations of everything from ill-mannered discussion to rape will slow down anytime soon. New is coming from all sectors of our population. Careers and families are being affected in ways we could not have imagined just a few short weeks ago. What might have been considered good natured horsing around is now leading to career and social ostracism. Criminal activity is, of course, a different and serious matter.

A Board of Director Code of Conduct should now be mandatory. It should be specific in terms of the type of respect expected among the directors and with their staff. The image of an organization’s leadership can be smudged with just one accusation. And, lawsuits are costly.

We would recommend a more general Code for the organization just to protect the directors and officers. If you are a member of an association, it is typically because you want to join with like-minded people for mutual benefit or for charitable goals. With networking and social interaction at events, it’s easy to become close to your associates. Lifelong and valued friendships are often the pleasant result. And, when romance blooms … well, that’s human nature and how many meet their mates.

We can help draft a Code of Ethics for your group. Sooner the better, yes?

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