There is at least one industry-specific association for every part of our economy. In some industries, there are many organizations formed to enhance your personal and professional life. Why wouldn’t you want the support and advantages of association membership? You don’t want to carve out the dues?

We just got a call from a man looking for help finding business-saving information from an association we manage. He needed a referral to a shipper for an emergency order. If he’d been a member of his association the chap would have saved thousands of dollars with a discount program we negotiated for members. Dues for the association he said he couldn’t afford are a tiny fraction of what he’d have saved on shipping just this one order.

Discounts on business services, education webinars from experts in your field, state and federal lobbyists working to keep your business vital are just a few of the benefits of joining an association. Wouldn’t it be great to have a sounding board for your challenges? A social hour with leaders in your field with ideas for you? The knowledge that people who share your goals and challenges have your back?

Don’t go it alone … especially now.





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