You’re looking for board members or committee members with experience, wisdom and the time to dedicate to your organization. Every nonprofit we know is looking for the same people. Typically, association and charity leaders go to the same people over and over when help is needed. Of course, they’ve proven their interest and may have skills you need. There are others who have those skills – retirees.

Many in The Silent Generation (born 1935 to 1945) and those in the Baby Boomer sector (born 1946 to 1954), who represent mammoth numbers of people, are more fit, more independent, and most apt to be thrilled when asked to help. That is, if they aren’t already overcommitted.

Those retiring at 62 or 65 are apt to have another 30 productive years as medicine and lifestyle changes allow us to live longer, feeling great. There are many articles noting second and third careers starting after retirement. A recent Wall Street Journal survey indicated that nearly 20% of those 50+ stay involved in their professional associations. Add memberships in interest clubs, veteran groups, environmental or animal protection nonprofits and you get a feeling that those people we call seniors are eager to lend their time and talents to those organizations that need and respect them.

Are you reaching out to “seasoned” people to fill your association’s leadership roles?

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