There are many things I don’t understand. For instance, why my returns can’t show up on my account as fast as the original purchase does; the inexplicable notoriety of the Olsen Twins; truly inane cartoons; and, why my cube clock won’t stay set to the daylight savings time. Oh, there are many other Life Mysteries I ponder as they pop up, but one Board of Director behavior is my focus today.

Don’t get me wrong, I genuinely like and admire the boards that we manage. But with social media so crucial to interaction (especially now) and the ‘Internet of all things’ being so integral to our business and personal lives, I’m always stunned to learn that a board member has never gone onto their organization’s website. I’m also disappointed so many are not using LinkedIn in ways that might help their group.

Whether a nonprofit has a brick and mortar address or not, all have a website. There is typically a lot of information about your organization on it. For active groups, a weekly visit is appropriate to make sure events and meetings are listed properly. Often dues pricing is there and attractive member benefits are listed. These are good to remember when enticing a nonmember to join.

I have a lot to say about directors being active on social media but that’s for another day. If you are a director of a nonprofit, you are guiding a corporation. Being knowledgeable and engaged in its communication is basic for your dedication to your membership. It only takes five minutes to stay up to date with online social essentials. Just put it on your weekly calendar.

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