Here we are, gliding with varying degrees of comfort back into business life. In-person events are back on the calendar and we all want badly to return to how things were before the pandemic. But wait. Things are different somehow. WE are different. 

What we wanted for our businesses and our careers may have changed. Health, family, and insecurities have reformed our priorities. Combine that with what many expected – a drastically changed economy – and we’re unsure what’s ahead.

We work with many trade groups, so we see the changes throughout dissimilar industries and among diverse professionals. Some are timid about moving forward, not so secretly wanting things the way they used to be. But the boards we serve who are embracing new ways of leading their associations and delivering membership value to their industry colleagues are going to be the most successful.

In chatting with my grandkids, Claire, who just finished fourth grade, and Ryan, who leaves third grade in the dust, I asked if they were glad it was summer. Ryan said quickly, “Yes, I guess so, but I can’t wait to get into fourth grade.” Really, I replied. Smiling and nodding toward Claire, he enthusiastically said, “Yes, I know what I know, but then I’ll know what she does.”

Embrace the unknown and the new. Be like Ryan.

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