It doesn’t have to be a weekend retreat in the mountains or a pod of rented beach bungalows, although both sound darned good right now, but association boards and their staff should review their readiness for 2021. This is easy to do with zoom now saving time and money however everyone misses the camaraderie of being in person.

There are many books available to help guide nonprofits and their directors in self-review. 2020 tossed us all challenges you’ll not find in any of those worthy tomes. So, sure, a review of how the board and staff handled these last ten months will need reasoned eyes. Don’t be too harsh about your leadership’s response to health information that leaked slowly throughout the months. You worked with what you had.

But let’s get back to the basics of why your group exists and fortify your communication and activities. As I see it, your job as board members is to provide purpose and value to members.  You will do this through stability and vitality.

This is typically the month that the board of directors addresses their ranks; Who is staying and who is terming out? Is there a search for new blood? Are there people in your industry who have contributions to make that benefit all? Finding great board members is another article, but just know that during this traditional time of board change let’s focus on smooth transitions, good board member training, and perceptible stability.

For the associations we manage, purpose, value, stability, vitality are the goals for 2021.

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