There are lots of articles on what millennial’s want and don’t want. And, before typing one more sentence, a reasonable disclaimer must be made: Not every label fits all listed beneath it. But, trends don’t lie and there are things to be learned, then applied to associations and how they may be tied to membership.

With so many young adults priced way out of home ownership, the time and money typically spent by those young folks on home projects and repairs is being redirected in new ways. The pursuit of healthy living is a way of asserting control and finding comfort in an unstable world, says one research firm. This means many things for the economy. This “clean-living generation” is not only continuing the trend of exercise, but also seeking satisfaction in medication, growing their own food, leaning into low alcohol beverages and eating at home more. Oh, they can afford to go out but prefer to use what they learned at evening cooking or brewing classes to impress their friends and families with digestible accomplishments.

There are zen-like moods fed by knitting, baking, woodworking and planting succulent gardens. In the past, people 35 to 50 were the biggest users of‘s meditative app. Now those in their 20s have matched them in user numbers. Yoga classes are now attended equally by men and women. Those in their 20s and early 30s are highly influenced by their peers on social media where they echo to each other about mindfulness, less sugar and healthy living.

So, we are learning that the popularity of smaller meals (bar bites) and smaller drinks (mini-size cans) is defining an entire generation.

Does your association have missions, benefits and activities that would appeal to this huge population of potential members?

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