Art news this year has been about rising. Untold volumes of art went up in flames in Brazil. An immeasurable loss for the world. Art went up to the moon on a spaceship. The price that artwork will command upon its return will be (sorry) out of this world. David Hockney saw the price of his painting rise beyond any other work at auction – ever. And, with Sister Wendy’s death, up goes an artful spirit who spent her life educating us, entertaining us, with her love of art.

So what does any of this mean to nonprofits and associations seeking new ways to engage members and target supporters? Who was it that said, “only art separates us from the animals?”

Here are a couple of ideas: Team with local high school art departments or metal shop classes and have students create an art piece themed to your industry or charity. Then, auction the works off, splitting the proceeds with the students. Or, invite local artists to show at one of your dinners or other events and encourage the community to support them – and you. Do your members have art in their home they would donate for an auction? And, we have one association client that has created a golf trophy that gets “added to” each year by the winner of the tournament. It is truly a sculpture for the ages.

The year ahead is an empty canvas. Let us help you turn it into a work of art.

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