The holiday break must have been a time for board members of the associations we serve to reenergize because I’ve seen January filled with that energy. Board leaders we work with have a sense of fresh start … turning over that proverbial new year leaf with more engagement and dedication to their membership. I hadn’t expected it assuming people would still be harnessed to that distressing yoke of 2020.

Uncowed by many months of instability, and frankly fear, our boards have been eager to rekindle their sense of service to their industry by taking part in board training to reaffirm their duties and responsibilities as directors of nonprofit corporations. That’s a sign of recommitment.

Perhaps cheeky of me but I predict an increase in association membership this year as industry members and nonmembers, tired of having their education and exhibition events cancelled, will be eager to sign up for reskilling webinars and focus on their business health.

What I see is that business people have lost their patience – in a good way – and will dive into quality events serving up exactly what they need right now. They also want information about the changes that will be coming from the new White House and how those impact their business and personal lives. Sharp associations will deliver that.

And with some board members committing to do personal outreach to members, I believe membership value will be more apparent than in past years. Layer on quality and effective content communication and I think associations are in for an invigorating year.

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