Oh, we’ve got you now. We enticed you with benefits, promises and inclusion. We made you feel part of what our industry is working toward (or, maybe against). We dangled dinners, speaker luncheons, and up to the minute news about what we all feel is vital. And, we’ll do all of that. But, new members of an association often find the gap between the lure and the love uncomfortably large.
Here are some ideas on how to make new members feel they’ve joined a group that wants them:

  • Update the group’s web site with their membership.
  • Highlight the new member with a short bio in the next blog.
  • Ask what social media they use and begin following them.
  • Comment on any of their posts.
  • Remind them of their new benefits.
  • Have a board member make a personal call within the first month.
  • Make their badge special at the next event.
  • If budget allows, send something physical (mug, magnet, etc.) for their office.
  • Send them the association logo for use in their email signature.

If the geographical area of your association is small enough, have a board member or staff visit the new member’s place of business. After all, don’t you want this new member to realize they made a good decision to join?
What the heck – take cookies.

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