Okay, so I intend to mangle the hindsight expression here because we still have time to make 2020 a year of positives amid the emotional and economic chaos. You and I are part of an indefatigable group of businesspeople who have probably been derailed a few times in our lives before this. Meh, we got this.

With annual invoicing of association members and year-end letters to supporters already filling word docs, what will your hindsight of 2020 look like? Have you done everything you possibly could to keep things moving, keep serving your members, satisfying your supporters? You’re forgiven if you didn’t do it with the dispatch you might have without global paralysis. Each day since March has delivered a foggy future. Hard to feel authoritative.

When you left the office and took your work files home for what was to surely be a couple of weeks, you could not have known that complete reinvention of your clients’ management, calendar, and financial stability was about to be tested. And, let’s not forget yours.

My work world is one of communication, strategy, providing new ideas, planning (then re-planning), financial management, and educational programs for business associations, charitable nonprofits, and a few foundations. I report to those Boards of Directors. I never forget that the directors are volunteers with businesses, families, and commitments quite separate from the nonprofit corporations they entrust to my firm’s management care.

Our 2020 hindsight will not be filled with regret or “I wish we’d done that differently” because we shifted early to fill gaps with creative answers and new communication paths, we’ll continue to apply for the remaining four months. How ‘bout you?

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