Is it time for a reboot? A rethink on what a business association is? Who belongs? Why?

How do we fill the room? Nearly everything is different about the association strategies and operations today from what they were just five years ago … ten years ago, for certain. Are we in association management and those who serve on boards changing? Do we have the nerve to upend business-as-usual? Associations are businesses, after all. Businesses must morph. But, that’s not what I’m seeing. Are the answers with the newest generation? In many ways they are the most social of all generations. Some might argue that we all know more about each other than perhaps we should. Everyone’s personal information is just $19.99 and a click away, after all.

Apparently, we all want even more connection. But it’s different now. Certainly, in business, it is vital for our companies, our careers, and our future – our living. So, we join associations of like-minded people with the same challenges. Over the next few weeks, I’ll get into all the layers of running an organization.

Associations throughout America are struggling to find new ways to operate. What does it take to be attractive to membership?

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