Did you enter the first quarter timidly? Timidly, but hopefully. That’s what I’ve seen with the association and charity sectors. But in a matter of one week, I read things like “a total rollback of business restrictions,” “venues and museums opening,” and economists saying we are starting to “roar back” in most industries. Loaded container ships are hunting for berths and kids are back to school. All positive signs.

Now is the time to restate the value of belonging to an industry association and returning to support your performing arts group. Directors on the boards we work for have learned a lot and are eager to apply their leadership to make their organizations even stronger than they were before … well, you know. Most of them were super heroes last year.

In some ways, delivery of value to members has been more robust in the last 12 months than had been planned originally in January of 2020. It sure kept us hoping as administrators. More communication, more assistance, more education, more webinars, all to assure that the family of members and donors didn’t drift away. Further, what I saw were board members who really cared about those in their industry – cared about how they were fairing.

Do nonprofits have things to worry about? You bet. However, for every worry, there is a solution that leaders and directors are addressing as they adjust the plans for 2021 – again.


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