In my last post, I talked to and about exiting board presidents of associations and what their legacies might be and things they could do in their final months that could set the new president up for success.  But as I’ve witnessed recently, a committee chairperson can set the bar high for all who follow thus making a huge contribution as well.

This rockstar committee chair, I’ll call her Kathleen, took on the Programs Committee that produces all education events. This covers regular webinars and their big statewide in-person product exhibit and seminar event. A novice in an event director role, she took ownership of the calendar, the content and ultimately the unanticipated layers of the annual membership event from sponsorship to selecting turkey for lunch subs.

Of course, we support all aspects of this association’s programs with our management staff. But make no mistake, Kathleen was gently dogged, creative, and ever cheerful in this first foray back into the in-person membership event, something many are hesitant to tackle still.

With all the associations we manage, every board member is assigned to work on at least one committee. Kathleen, rising above anyone’s expectations, has set an amazing example for all that as a volunteer, you can show leadership qualities and skills that may not even be possible in your “day job.” Event attendees will be the beneficiaries. Kathleen has created a large leadership shadow.

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