Kids and dogs do it really well. We adults have a way to go.

A huge portion of nonprofit and association work is communication. We knock ourselves out to help client organizations project the image, both verbal and graphic, that promotes their goals – their brand. For consistent messaging everything should match to support the organization’s raison d’etre, reason for being. Easier said than done.

That communication assignment is carried out on websites, the newsletters, the fliers, the event brochures and hopefully on social media. But what if the targets don’t see it?  How can we get the supporters of a charity or trade association to read our message? After all, they are paying dues and donating to be a part of the organization.

Open rates for most e-newsletters are pathetic. Let’s say the very best might be 40-60% open our well-intended information. So, are you happy with 60-40% of your members not getting your message? If they are under 45, you might be having better luck on social media channels.

I’m writing this because one of our clients is having a very serious legislative problem – as in, they could be legislated out of business. We’ve been broadcasting this issue for – not months, but years. Letting them know of the lurking danger. Now that it’s actually hitting their businesses, many are shocked. So, I guess I’m venting. I really don’t know what else we could do short of calling every member and even still, the message might not be understood.

Could it be that we are too busy being busy to hear important communication?


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