What a year! We’ve had a “drought of the century,” “rain of the century,” “heat wave of the century,” “floods of the century,” “winds of the century.”  And then there are threats from health variants and a volatile stock market. You know what happens when all those epic things happen?  People help each other. Why do we wait for catastrophes to occur to do that?  Is it time to rebalance personal concerns with those of others?

We work with business associations and nonprofits filled with people who have much in common with their fellow members. When you think you’re the only one having hiring challenges or cost overruns – you’re not. If you belong to an association, there’s a place to go for commiseration and collective problem-solving. Associations offer industry-specific education and business and technical advice that may just solve a problem you face. There are also fun and important networking opportunities!

Every charitable interest and every industry has multiple groups that would welcome you. But I’ve noticed that some trade groups are suffering slow renewals for 2023. I know people who belong to churches but are religiously agnostic. They admit to me that they enjoy the camaraderie and know they could reach out if they needed something.

Association members need you and you need them. I’d like to see an epic “Join Up” of the century!

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