Social isolation is the antithesis of our association management firm’s mission. We are not only strongly driven by social interaction with our clients but, by the very nature of trade associations and nonprofits in general, they too are people centric. But, apart we must be for now and there are things you can do to take advantage of a drastically changed calendar.

This is the chance to do all the things you can’t seem to get to with a normal schedule of board meetings and producing events. This disruption is nothing we have seen before so it’s easy to be a bit undone. This is very unwelcome, but let’s make it a positive for our clients and for ourselves as this crisis will abate at some point and furious catch up will fill our days again.

  • Update client bylaws – Read through them. Many are very old. Have an attorney review them for needed law change edits. Ask your board if an update is prudent.
  • Does the association’s mission statement reflect what the organization really accomplishes? Or, vice versa?
  • Do a survey of your membership – What a perfect time to get their attention! Word things thoughtfully. What would they like in the next education event? What benefits are important to them?
  • Review everyone’s insurance policies – I bet there should be some updates in coverage or beneficiaries. Perhaps shop for best pricing.
  • Tackle that storage area – How old are those golf tournament signs? Why keep last year’s event brochures?
  • Review client investments – We’ve seen some CD assets that needed new strategies for more earnings or flexibility.
  • Web site update time – Is it time for a redesign? Freshened copy? New functionality? Is everything on it that should be there? Does every link work? Old blogs still up?
  • Take this time to learn something new as a management professional – As an executive director of a nonprofit there is little time for you or your staff to tackle self-improvement.  But it is vital that you and your staff be on the cutting edge of tech advances, software programs, management techniques and event management tools. That’s how you maintain your stature as a leader for your boards.
  • Brainstorm – Invite your staff to have a mini retreat by phone. How are your own procedures and goal setting? The best management is that which stays fresh.

No, we weren’t any more prepared than you were for this current disruption. Let’s all make lemonade from lemons so we serve our clients even better in the coming months and years.

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