Not to pick on one person, but If you look at the job description of a company CEO, there should be some obvious leadership actions at the top. You had your board retreat where, through lively (perhaps contentious) discussion, a good plan was put on paper. Now, who’s going to actuate it? Or, as we’ve seen over the years, the intensity and intentions of the day drop away and minutes are never revisited. So, the next year’s meeting sounds eerily like the one before. How can you face your members?

It is the job of the board president of any board to act much like they do at their own company; have monthly, if not weekly, review of the plans and make certain one of the other board members is dedicated to making it happen. With no progress on issues facing the association and its industry, why exist?

Associations are formed to serve the members. What that means is different in each association. But without improving services or benefits, we guarantee your membership will shrink. A good association management firm can keep an eye on progress and giggle the president if things are slowing down.

When your dues renewals are sent out with that cover letter citing the accomplishments of the past year and the reasons to join for the next, what will yours list?

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