During a recent meeting, a board member noted they were happy with their social media. I don’t know why because they have almost no visibility or hits (seemingly the same 3 people) and just repeats their email blasts. It’s way past time for associations and nonprofits to do this important job right or there’s no ROI. 

If all you’re doing is repeating email you send to members, you’re squandering opportunities. Remember, this is supposed to be social and connecting, not just a bulletin board.

There are 3 reasons for a professional association to have social media: Build image, recruit members, drive traffic to the website. And no matter what, every board member should be reposting to broaden the message.

  1. Build Image – There are many things to post about a business group; short bits about its early history, plucky founders, awards, scholarships given, members’ accomplishments, pictures from past events, testimonials from board members. This feeds current members’ sense of dues value and lifts stature to targets and sponsors.
  2. Member Recruitment – This takes time and is done by following and commenting on posts by relevant associations or those with members you’d like to have. There are clever ways to eke out the many values of membership, committee activity, upcoming events, and testimonials from members. Their members may be seeking more value for their dues.  Of course, you can always be blatant about inviting members.
  3. Drive site traffic – Yes, now you can post calendar events and meetings so the reader must go to your website to see the entire content. Tease decisions made at a recent meeting and create urgency with countdowns to a webinar or golf tournament.

I hope you are ready to graduate to video posts. It doesn’t have to be super polished. Viewers of social media have an 8-second attention span. It can be used in all three of the goals above. It needs to be a paid task or super dedicated member with a written plan.

The most effective way to communicate with your members is (in the most compelling order) a phone call, a text, an email, a postal mailing, and through social media.  Are you using that last one to build value and status?


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