If your management firm has not kept your board and members up on the fast moving media environment, it might be time for a change.

One of the valuable services an association can offer members is news that may affect everyday business. If members do any social media posting, and certainly if they have more robust channel programs in place, not knowing about a merger could spell trouble. For instance did you warn your members about Vine? Do they know that eyes on Twitter have fallen dramatically? And, just when businesses were finally signing up on LivingSocial with their online daily deals, troubled LivingSocial is falling into the saving arms of Groupon – also struggling.

Of course, thinning out was predicted after wildly expanding options for marketing found subscribers with great sales pitches. Targets are harder to find than ever, it would seem. And consumers are over-distracted.

Every survey conducted comes back with the same results: There’s no such thing as undivided attention. When watching television, 70% of viewers are texting; 68% are active on social media; and, 57% are sending or reading e-mail.

Associations can offer huge benefits to members by keeping them informed about marketing. Firms that manage them must own that responsibility.

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