There are two schools of thought: Make member growth efforts a year-round program or set a definite time limit on the campaign. Can you do both? Sure, but there is caution; you may be reaching the same people too many times as well as experiencing campaign “Ask Fatigue” within your board and staff.

A timed annual campaign allows for a branding of your message, a kick off, and the promotion of all the benefits of membership they will enjoy over the following year’s term. We like that path.

Okay, so now you’ve finished your Membership Acquisition Month. Those who have not been swayed should not be considered dead wood. They are very much alive, just not on fire yet about your organization. So, keep the nonmember list close. You’ll want to send a “thank you for considering us as your industry association” postcard. Then, as budget allows, send to them twice during the following year. This would not be a membership appeal but an opportunity to attend a function as a nonmember.

While you are updating the database and invoicing the dues, there should be at least two points of contact. I hope it goes without saying, that you have already sent a new member package to those who joined during the campaign. Be sure to include a calendar of events, contact information for any member benefit vendors, and a personal letter from the president of your board.

Perhaps most important: Call your new member. Yes, a real voice-to-voice call. It should be a board member. Engage the new person. Host them for the next event. You may have a friend, not just a member.

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