What’s wrong with your organization or association? Nothing? Everything? Some things are going as planned, others are really off the track?

Getting your board of directors to admit that there’s a problem with its management could be the beginning of a reinvigoration of your membership. What if you did something bold? What if you challenged others around the table to share the best and worst aspect of the current staff or management? Have them each anonymously voice the answers on a 3 x 5 card and collect it. New members would feel less intimidated. Older grumpy ones could have their say.

It sure is easy to go from one meeting to the next being comfortable, not rocking the boat. Sadly, that means you’re not meeting your duties to your members. You’re not meeting your obligations as a board member. And, you certainly are not being the leader that was appointed or elected to sit in that chair.

We see it all the time. Boards are made up of well meaning volunteers who have typically inherited their paid staff – or worse, their unpaid industry member volunteer – and are too uneasy to find better management help.

Typically after just one board meeting with new association clients, we see faces light up and heads shake, “Why did we wait so long to make this change?”

Are you that leader who knows it’s time to make a change?

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