Every business we know rededicates itself to growth in the New Year. Did you make all your 2015 resolutions? We didn’t think so. Therefore, let’s start again. This time, let’s make the goals reachable because you probably wrote down what you wanted and not how to get it.

  1. Outsource early and often. Admit you can’t do everything yourself. There now, see? That wasn’t hard. What’s hard is being able to let go. We know owners who still like to “play” with their company’s web site themselves. Stop it! Stop it right now! Don’t waste time doing things that don’t grow the business.
  2. Recurring revenue must be the foundation of your business. No matter how small the business or project, your best bet for return income from that is if you reconnect with existing and past customers. Make that call.
  3. And since we’re talking about old and current clients, when was the last time you asked all of them for a referral? Embarrassed to do that? How did you ask that cute guy or gal to marry you? Now THAT took guts. Think it looks desperate? It looks smart and makes them feel you trust them.
  4. Edit your email contact list. Update it, then grow it. Most chamber of commerce offices will give you an excel list of their members. If there’s a fee, pay it. Need help? See #1.
  5. Now email something to your list every week. Nothing long and tedious. And it doesn’t always have to be selling something. It could be a cartoon focused on your industry, a link to an expert in your field, a study just completed at a university, and even a 10 second video of your employees. Our point is to change it up and make it fun. Your open rate will soar. Don’t know how to do this? See #1.
  6. Try paid advertising where your potential customers may be watching or reading. No money? Find it. Need advice on how to find the right channel for communication to a new customer base? See #1.
  7. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to leave your office. Whether it’s a long delayed vacation week or a walk around the block. Owners and managers tend to lose their sense of humor, their humanity, when they become a One Note Charlie. Customers sense exhaustion and grumpiness. And NO one wants to do business with a grump.

So, let’s reboot for 2016. You’ve had a chance to review last year and now, using the tips above, you’ll be able to reach those new goals.

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