Most nonprofits have volunteer board members and committee members. About this time of year, business concerns and personal distractions just exacerbate what we in the management business call Board Fatigue. But, it can really be apparent at any time of year. Here are some trouble signs that the board is not operating at 100%:

  1. Conference calls are poorly attended even though one has only to sit at home and dial in. Take more points off if someone just no shows without prior apologies for their absence.
  2. There’s a remarkable similarity between the last agenda and the next one.Nothing is getting moved along. Take more points off if the agenda is the same as three years ago.
  3. Membership is stagnant (or worse) and no one has any idea why. Take more points off if paid staff has designed a peer-to-peer telethon but no one on the board wants to make calls.
  4. Staff sends out agendas with support material and financials in board books for the meeting and few have reviewed it in preparation. Take more points off if no one brings the material – or ideas.
  5. The association executive has put a full social media program in place and no board member has bothered to view it. Take more points off if board members don’t think the association needs social media communication.

We could go on, but the point is made. If board members tire, if they do nothing new or different, they should resign or be asked to step off. Association members deserve engaged leadership.

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