Worried about what AI will do to your association or nonprofit?

Yes, there will be profound changes in all aspects of life; a hundred times greater than I’ve seen in my baby boomer lifetime, and that’s been a lot. For a primer on the state of AI, I recommend you watch the two segments run on April 16th on CBS’s 60 Minutes focusing on Google’s Bard. As with all massive changes, this will be used for good and for evil. Read More

The story of a very wise company:  Intentional industry support is smart business

I just got off the phone with a man (I’ll call him Don) whose company understands the value of investing in their industry colleagues – customers and competitors alike. He’s in the manufacturing sector serving the transportation industry.  Don’s company has intentionally rearranged his business responsibilities so that he may be more active in their association community, a LOT more active. Read More

C’mon, time to join your colleagues and get outside your silo!

What a year! We’ve had a “drought of the century,” “rain of the century,” “heat wave of the century,” “floods of the century,” “winds of the century.”  And then there are threats from health variants and a volatile stock market. You know what happens when all those epic things happen?  People help each other. Why do we wait for catastrophes to occur to do that?  Is it time to rebalance personal concerns with those of others? Read More

Association Boards, are you sending money to the bad guys? Tiz’ the season for treachery. (See end for your action.)

Well, it’s all seasons, really.  Consider this a PSA for all nonprofit directors and administrative staff.  Associations and other nonprofits are particularly easy targets for a detailed scam that has robbed them of badly needed membership funds.  Below you’ll see a way to help. Read More

How to make your nonprofit stronger: Mentoring & coaching in associations

I was asked who I considered my mentor. I had the look of someone who has gone into a room for some reason but couldn’t remember why. I glanced around the office hoping to come up with a name. But I had too many. Mentoring and coaching are not the same as many articles will tell you. I’ve never had a formal relationship as these titles are defined, but I have had many who were major influencers in my business (and no doubt personal) life. And, I am better for all of their guidance by example; nearly all positive, a couple, not so much. It will all be in ‘the book’ at some point. But back to associations. Read More

Let’s all be like Ryan

Here we are, gliding with varying degrees of comfort back into business life. In-person events are back on the calendar and we all want badly to return to how things were before the pandemic. But wait. Things are different somehow. WE are different.  Read More