For most membership organizations, future success depends on your ability to leverage technology to enhance, extend and personalize your members’ experiences. The reality today is that new competitors vying for your association members are popping up everywhere, enabled through the use of technology. Furthermore, the market for new members and financial supporters is increasingly comprised of a generation of individuals and companies who view technology and online tools as essential in conducting their business. Huntington Association Management offers unmatched technology resources and integrated e-business solutions that help client organizations:

  • Develop e-commerce management of education materials
  • Update online brochures
  • Schedule webinars and webcasts
  • Send out eblasts
  • Create content management systems
  • Boost online advertising

We are able to combine solid knowledge of nonprofit associations, substantial investments in technology infrastructure, tools, applications, and methodologies, and a talented in-house staff of technology specialists to deliver focused, meaningful and cost-effective solutions. From a simple information site to a robust, integrated technology platform, our website and graphics team offer a comprehensive suite of products and services to support your organization’s current and evolving technology requirements.

Web Services

Site Design

Huntington Association Management has repaired dozens of site redesigns so they function appropriately. We understand that a visually pleasing and highly functional site is important to keep visitors engaged and convert them into active members. Our design experience is unique in that we understand that a well-designed website does not end with its launch. We build websites that are visually pleasing, while being able to accommodate the growing communities, programs, and communications needs of a dynamic association.

Site Development

Huntington offers a wealth of internal expertise in the intricacies of managing associations, organizations and their events on the Internet. Our database-driven, interactive websites enable associations to reengineer their business operations for greater efficiency, increasing return on investment and enhancing member value.