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Here’s a quick video to introduce you to our many services!

Proactive Management and Marketing for Associations

A Resource Center for Non-Profits

  • Who do we manage? Industry & trade associations. Arts & charitable foundations.
  • For the price of one Executive Director, your organization will have an ED plus the staff you see here. That’s our value. You likely will save money and have more professional management.

  • We have helped our clients weather 2020 in a way that strengthens their mission and has provided vital information, education, and service to their members and supporters.

  • Now that we have pivoted to include a virtual component in all future meetings and events, we are ready to build on our service to clients. We’ve even run both an online and live auction and a wine tasting session! It’s all about being creative and keeping the energy up for groups who may have challenges.

  • We’ve been doing this for a long time. We know associations and charities deserve the same top-notch management as for-profits. We offer a staff of specialists, led by your executive director or manager.

  • Need guidance with strategies, membership retention, board meetings, fundraising events, full-service financial management, digital image building, and social media?

Need all our services? Maybe just some? Isn’t it time for cost-saving help? Give us a call: (626) 292-1095.

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“Excellent job! I would not change a thing about the conference.”


“The meeting was very well-designed, managed, attended, and everything went very smoothly!”


“Our affiliate has been recognized as ahead of the curve. We are fortunate to have you as management.”


“Super impressed with your initiative and bringing new ideas to the association.”


“You are excellent at balancing the needs and opinions of members and the board.”


“We didn’t know we weren’t getting a good deal on all our services until we hired Huntington.”